Saturday, May 3, 2008

Numbers and Numbers

The week of counting is done. My store did inventory this week and I was part of the pre-count team, also known as an exercise in futility. It's also known as "making your employees go stir crazy." It involved going from bay to bay, counting every book in the bloody store one by one. I had to count books so that the team of inventory people from the outside could check their numbers against ours. Glad that's done with.
My interview with Amity went well and I'm optimistic about getting a job over there. They've been asking me for additional references, so that's hopefully a good sign. I should know by the 16th whether or not I'll have a job.
There has been a dearth of new music of late, as I mentioned last time. The band Gossip is kind of interesting, as it sounds like punk music with a soul singer. She's a big girl.
Iron Man is a good movie and I don't have any trouble recommending it. It's at least a head above most of the superhero movies I've seen recently. Their attempts at humor actually succeeded and it looks very lovely. The story is predictable, but that's par for the course. You're going to see Iron Man fly around and blow some stuff up and it delivers well. Robert Downey Jr. did a surprisingly good job in this role and I like Gwenyth Paltrow.
On the book front, After Dark by Haruki Murakami just came out in paperback, so go buy it. It's fantastic. I'm reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. It's my first real experience reading short stories apart from school assignments. It's pretty enjoyable.
Hope everyone's well.


Daniel said...

After a day or two to think about Iron Man I have arrived at the conclusion that it is indeed a fine film. I tend to be overwhelmed right after I've seen a big movie like that so it's common for me to give a false positive. I'm with you on Iron Man though. I greatly enjoyed it and I think it was a wonderful way to start the month.

Jordan Quinley said...

Iron Man was indeed a good, fun film. Joel, it's Jordan (yeah, Lisa's ex-boyfriend). I think you have a perceptive and discerning taste in music, and I heard you got a Zune. I'd like to "friend" you on the Zune Social if you're cool with that. My Zune username is Bombad General. If you want to leave me a message somewhere, I never check the Gmail address associated with this Blogger blog, so either message me on Xanga (username Ideas_al_Dente) or on the Zune Social.