Saturday, June 14, 2008

Setting Things Straight

Weezer just put another color-titled album out and I'm enjoying it. Pretentious folks like to whine and complain about how badly Weezer has burned out since Pinkerton, but I really have to disagree. Nearly every one of their records has offered roughly the same fare (with the exception of some of Make Believe's weirder songs): pop songs with less-than-profound lyrics and incredibly catchy tunes. That's why you listen to Weezer. They're fun songs that you can sing along to, much like the ones Cuomo references in Pork and Beans. Honestly, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need Timbaland to help him figure that formula out. Maybe I'm outing myself here, but I still enjoy listening to the Green Album, Maldroit, and on occasion, even Make Believe. It's good music.

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